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Ellenburg & Shaffer Glass Art Studio is a custom glass studio that specializes in designing and creating unique leaded glass for windows, doors and domes.  The duo Ellenburg & Shaffer work directly with homeowners, architects, interior designers and furniture manufacturers on their projects, with unsurpassed attention to detail.  Their design style has a definitively modern aesthetic while taking cues from both nature and classic design. With over 12 years experience in the glass industry, they have the  skill set needed to turn the most ambitious ideas into reality. They are available for residential and commercial projects including  hospice, public spaces and places of worhip.

Each leaded glass window, dome, cabinet glass or sculptural work of art is created with the highest quality materials available and great attention is given to each project; from start to finish. Ellenburg & Shaffer can  fuse, slump or hand-paint details for your project.  So whether you desire an original commissioned piece of art glass or need an architectural glass design to create an exquisite entry for your home; George Ellenburg and Avery Shaffer have the experience and passion to create it.

If you are near Norfolk, Virginia, the studio is available for consultation by appointment, otherwise we generally work with clients long distance by email and telephone, quite efficiently. Feel free to drop us a line to talk about details so that we may determine if our services are a good fit for your project.

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Ellenburg & Shaffer (by appointment)
2501 Fawn Street Studio 11
Norfolk, VA 23504
(800) 385-1361 




George Ellenburg (on right) 


Avery Shaffer (on left)